November 30, 2018

Trailer: A Taste of Skillet


Jen Nathan Orris: [00:00:00] Have you ever noticed that when somebody tells you about their favorite foods they kind of close their eyes and get this dreamy look on their face.

Ashley Smith: [00:00:07] I remember liking meatloaf. Mashed potatoes. I used to love mashed potatoes…

Santiago Vargas Rivera: [00:00:13] Cilantro, oregano, peppers, black peppers…

Robin Reeves: [00:00:17] Green beans, corn, deviled eggs. We always had deviled eggs…

Chue Lee: [00:00:21] And the kids love the pho. Every time I make the pho the kids all will be home.

Cass Herrington: [00:00:26] It’s amazing how remembering these meals can transport people back to their happiest moments.

Jen Nathan Orris: [00:00:32] That’s the inspiration behind our new podcast “Skillet.” I’m Jen Nathan Orris

Cass Herrington: [00:00:39] I’m Cass Herrington. For the past six months we’ve been cooking with people in their kitchens, collecting food memories from farmers, grandmothers, chefs, and activists.

Jen Nathan Orris: [00:00:49] Because we believe that food is the perfect way to open up about culture, emotions, and the tough stuff. Things we weren’t even prepared for.

Keia Mastrianni: [00:00:58] And as we’re talking here, I swear to goodness, some of these things I’ve never said. It brings tears to my eyes.

Jen Nathan Orris: [00:01:06] Oh my gosh, we don’t even have any tissues! I’m going to get you a paper towel…

Jen Nathan Orris: [00:01:11] But we’re not just mining for tears here on Skillet. We have some bigger goals in mind. I’ve been a food writer and editor for more than a decade, and I’ll be honest, sometimes I get frustrated. Food media seems to cycle through the same cast of characters. Often they’re great chefs, but not reflective of the voices who make up America. We want to talk to people who cook in their homes, feed their families, and share food and culture with their communities.

Santiago Vargas Rivera: [00:01:37] Right now, everybody wants to cook in my country. They love to cook. They’re proud to cook.

Cass Herrington: [00:01:43] So we’re taking you inside people’s kitchens to cook alongside them. Each episode is an inclusive space where people we don’t hear from enough are seen and heard. We hope listeners will hear reflections of their own lives and empathize with people outside of their usual circles.

Jen Nathan Orris: [00:02:02] Let’s cook together and listen to each other, when we need it most. So pull up a chair and help yourself to a hearty serving of Skillet. A podcast about food, memory, and the flavors that bind us together.

Cass Herrington: [00:02:16] You can follow us on social media for the official launch date. We’re @skilletpodcast on Instagram, and we have lots of behind the scenes fun in our story highlights. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter.

Jen Nathan Orris: [00:02:29] Get in touch at skill at podcast dot com. And stay tuned for season one.

Cass Herrington: [00:02:34] Because we want to share the love we all feel at the end of these conversations.

Ashley Smith: [00:02:37] [laugh] We are now best friends!

Jen Nathan Orris: [00:02:45] Subscribe to skillet on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.